Spice Girls Apology

The Girls have released the following video through the official website apologizing to the fans that they left out of the tour.

I was reading a few responses from fans regarding this news and I was initially shocked by the level of anger and resentment that some people have towards them but then I got to thinking that if they hadn't have come to Toronto I would have been a bit pissed. Maybe not to the point of saying I'll never listen to them again but nonetheless pissed. The show is glorious and I really hope for everybodies sake that they release it on DVD.

I was thinking of writing a review of the show (which I may still do) but I'm afraid it might feel like bragging. If those responses I read are any indication however, most of those people who would deem it bragging probably don't read this site anymore.

I'll make my decision soon.

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Anonymous said...

Im sorry but that doesnt do it for me. The only thing that would make this better would be for them to come to Australia like they said they would so they can say all they like it wont change the fact that people are very upset by what has happened. I know they hadn't planned for this to happen but I dont thing saying sorry is going to mean much to fans like me that have been crushed by the fact that the band they had been waiting to see for 10 years will never happen.