Spice Rumor: Is It Melanie C's Fault?

The UK newspaper The Sun is claiming that the reason for the cuts in the World Tour is because Melanie C doesn't want to continue any further. She has been having talks with the other Girls who are reportedly all up for continuing the planned string of shows, but Melanie has always said that she wanted to do a short term tour and she is apparently ready to get back to tending to her solo career.

I don't particularly think this rumour is true, I think that people are just desperate to find a reason for this decision and it's pretty easy to pin it on the Girl who was the most reluctant to reunite in the first place. But if it is true then I guess you really can't hold it against her, it's her decision and the Girls will have respected it and decided not to continue. Yes it sucks, but what can you do?

PS. Thanks to visitor Andybuff for your comment. I couldn't agree more, it would have been better not to have announced those cities and given everyone's hopes up. After I see them on Sunday I think I will start to upload some youtube fan made video's from the concerts if I can find some good quality ones. I know it's a poor excuse for a substitute but at least it's something.

Who knows, maybe they've recorded a show and are going to release it in the future on DVD.


AndyBuff said...
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AndyBuff said...

The thing that has sort of upset me as well is the fact that all these years I have been hoping and wishing that they would get back together and even though they did because I never got to see them that hole is still there and for me it feels like they never really got back together. I hope that makes sence. It will sort of feel like they never got back together for me.