Victoria's Tour Beauty Secrets

And finally for all of you sophisticates out there who want to know what it takes to achieve Victoria's signature Pob hairstyle, read on and take a few tips from the Posh Professionals.

Hair stylist Larry (Sims) says: For the tour I wanted something a bit edgier, with cleaner lines for Victoria. Prior to the tour she had a longer bob, so I lifted it and gave it more height and volume. It has a more edgy shape now. Victoria is a fashionista and one of the most photographed women in the world, so for me to be able to give her a signature cut for this tour is an honour.

How It's Done: I shampoo and blow dry Victoria's hair every show day, so with that in mind I use products that both protect her hair from the heat and moisture, especially since she has gone from blonde to brunette recently. Whilst the hair is still wet I put a protective cream on to help sustain healthy hair through the heating process.

Then I blow-dry her hair with a serum that provides shine & volume. Once her hair is blown out I spray her with a light, misting, volumising hairspray because Victoria loves tons of body and lift. I basically round brush her and flatiron her, and finish it off with a really light shine mist.

As for make-up....

Make-up artist Maria-Louise (Featherstone) says: It's a very sexy seductive look for Victoria on this tour, and I've gone slightly stronger than usual because she can carry it off. We've done a really smoky eye, with red and chocolate browns as opposed to blacks. We've also gone with a fake lash, lots of eyeliner to ping her eyes, and a really defined brow.

How It's Done: I use natural oil on Victoria's skin to give it hydration, as the powders we use can be very dehydrating.

For lips, she doesn't have it straight out of the pot, I actually mix three colours together because it's perfect. It's absolutely fabulous for her. If you look closely, you'll see that Victoria has a brown lip for part of the show, and then we change it to a wine-red when she does her catwalk because it's stronger. That stays on for the next couple of songs and then we change it back to the brown glossy lips for the rest of the show.

The normal rule in make-up is that you can't have a heavy eye and a heavy lip but it works for Victoria on this particular show and she carries it off really, really well.

PS. Obviously I would never suggest that anyone give these looks a try because you would look pretty foolish unless you were doing a show of some sort, but if you understand these tips and you want to give them a test drive... by all means be my guest.

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