Melanie C Is Number 1

Way to go Gang! I've just been informed by the Melanie C fan group on Facebook that we (and maybe some of the people in the fan group...just maybe) have managed to get Carolyna to the number 1 spot on Much More Music's Top 10 list and by doing so the video is now in heavy rotation on the music channel. I'm so proud of us, nagging does work.

Since Mel is still not technically ready to start promoting the single and the Canadian release of This Time, let's see how long we can keep her in the number one spot. Keep voting here as often as you like. You can vote more than 20 times a day if you wish (not that I'm saying you should because that would be weird, right?).

As well as making Carolyna number 1, we also managed to make Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) number 2 on the top 10. C'mon, that's great stuff that is. I'm thrilled with this news.

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McNora said...

this "movement" started on the melaniec.net forums and it's gonna keep going strong!

as Mel would say, "we're on a mission!" lol