Spicey Headrest

The Spice Girls fun prize competition hosted by Mel B. is giving away a piece of the Spice One jet. No not the engine...they pretty much need that to live. Instead they are giving us a Spice logo headrest signed by each of the Girls. I guess this would make a good keepsake. If you would like this piece of Spice Transportation goods, send in an email marked "Headrest" with (as usual) your name, age and address and the answer to this Trivia Question...

What is the first encore song that the Girls sing during the Return Of The Spice Girls show?

Think you know it? If you do send your responses to competitions@thespicegirls.com.

The winners of the first batch of prizes have been announced and they are.

The winner of Emma's signed leg cast = Hakan from Sweden
The winner of Geri's signed lyric book = Christine from Las Vegas
The winner of Mel B's fake eyelashes from DWTS = Derek from Pennsylvania
The winner of Melanie C's socks = Diana from New Jersey
The winner of Victoria's signed dVb accessories = Ludovico from Italy

Congratulations to them all. What is Derek going to do with those eyelashes I wonder?

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