Solo Spice: Melanie C Interview On MTV Canada Part 2

As promised, here is the second part of the Melanie C interview. The questions get a bit better in this part, except for the girl who wastes my viewing time to get a hug from Melanie. Annoying.

Lol, I'm so bitter.

The fact that they did a bit of research and mentioned that Melanie's song First Day Of My Life is the theme song for the German Telenovela Wege zum Gl├╝ck, makes me like them just a little bit over at MTV Canada. One question though (since I never really watch this channel), does the cute guy without the glasses actually do anything on this show? Or is he just there for decoration?

Looking forward to the Cross Canada tour in May. Hoorah.


Dean said...

That's Daryn Jones! Since when does he host things?

Much Music needs more Daryn Jones and cute nerds in glasses and sweaters.

Anonymous said...

I thought that the hug was cute!!! not a waste of time!!... UR SUCH A HATER!!!!