Vote For Melanie C On Much Music Too

This is why I like people to comment. I really don't watch Much Music anymore mainly for the fact that I remember how great it used to be before all of the good VJ's grew up and moved on to better projects and they hired the vapid, annoying little queens that now run the shows. But my thanks go out to visitor Quiet Spice for keeping me in the hip and trendy loop by bringing to my attention that as well as voting for Melanie C's video for Carolyna on Much MORE Music's Top 10, you can also vote for it on Much Music's "Daily Ten".

Now her video is not actually included among the list of video's you can vote on but once you've chosen a total of 4 video's from their list you can type Carolyna as your Wild Card choice at the bottom of the list.

So go, be free and vote here.

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quiet_spice said...

i *SO* agree about the current vjs on much music... i dont watch it anymore really either, i just read about the much on demand thing on another spice girls site :$