EEEEK, Really Bad News Guys

Oh man, I feel so bad about having to post a story like this, but it is my sad duty to let you all know that the Spice Girls are officially cancelling the shows in Australia, China, Argentina, and South Africa.

The Girls made the announcement today through their official website. The important part of the message reads....

Sadly the tour needs to come to an end by the end of February due to family and personal commitments for Emma, Geri, Mel B, Melanie C and Victoria. It was announced in June that, as well as Europe and the US, the girls planned to visit Australia, China, South Africa and Argentina. Due to the phenomenal demand for tickets in the UK and the US along with the touring logistics for such a massive production it was not possible to fit everything in. As the girls return to normal family life and the kids go back to school they are reviewing all the options, who knows what the future might bring!

The girls said: "We've had such an amazing time over the last 3 months. It's been incredible being back together and seeing our fans again. We want to thank everyone who came to see us. It was all so mad the first time round, so we've really been able to appreciate it properly this time. There have been so many highlights and good times that we know it will be hard to be apart after Toronto. Really sorry if we didn't get to see you this time round. We all have other commitments in our lives now but who knows what will happen next."

The final show of the tour will be their Toronto show on February 26th. I'm so sorry to those of you who were expecting to see them in one of the ill-fated places. Why they had to book so many shows in London I'll never know. What's particularly irksome about this news is that those 4 places were ones that were in the original plans for the tour. I really think that they should just hold two dates in each of those places and extend it into March, would that be so hard? It's not that much longer.

I guess I could go the way of fellow blog, Spice News and stop adding to this site because I feel some kind of spite toward the Girls, but I don't think I will for two reasons...

1) It's only a concert tour (fine, I know it's likely their last but) in the bigger scheme of things it's not that big a deal. I'll get over the immediate distaste and so will everybody else.

2) I've loved them for this long, am I really going to stop here? There will be a lot more news to come and if it's solo project wise....that's just fine with me.

PS. A recent comment from visitor "Quiet_Spice" also helped in my decision making process. So thank you to you.


AndyBuff said...

I would just like to say that as a huge fan of the Spice Girls I am so dissapoibted in the fact that the tour will be finalised after they finish touring America. It was originally stated that the girls were coming to Australia and had many fans who had never seen the girls perform hugely excited but you have now crushed so many peoples dreams. Why say that there going to perform somewhere just to get peoples hopes up. It would have been better had they not mentioned Australia in the first place then. It was said that this tour was for the fans and for those who missed out the first time, well we have missed out both times now. If this tour was for the fans and fans alone Im sure they could have done something and come to the countries they had promised to visit. They haven't lost a fan in me but I am so so dissapointed and angry.

quiet_spice said...

you're welcome! :) I'm glad you didn't jump onto the very popular blaming-hateful ship, especially because I enjoy reading this site very much! I stopped going to spicenews when this site started, you are much more on top of things and ahead of them most of the time :) keep up the good work! :)