The Spice Girls Surprise Mel B

As I just reported, I was extremely shocked (and happy...let's not forget happy) to see the four other Spice Girls in the DWTS audience last night cheering on Mel B. What I didn't know until just now is that Melanie herself was surprised to see them.

According to Mel, they burst into her trailer just minutes before the show was set to air to wish her a hearty good luck before making their way to their seats.

"I couldn't believe it when the girls walked in to my trailer. I'd only been talking to Geri on the phone 10 minutes before....it was un-freaking-believable!"

After the show, her husband Stephen took her out for a congratulatory dinner in a specially ordered leopard print limo. Pretty nice, eh?

PS. I've been trying to add the video of Melanie's second dance from last nights show, but for whatever reason it isn't embedding. So you can watch her freestyle dance here. I'll keep trying to post it though.

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