You're In A Bubble

Get it? It's a Geri song title.....I know, I'm so clever. Anywho, Geri writes to us from within the Spice Rehearsal bubble this week with some new insights. I told you I would get to the other girls.

Hi there,

So it's 10.30pm and I got home half an hour ago. We just did a run through of the show; it's feeling really good. It's hard to tell you without giving too much away...but Simon Fuller, our manager, came down and he was blown away. I think we might surprise a few people. Actually, I never thought I'd say this (because I wasn't part of the group when it was conceived so it was hard to be objective) but "Holler" is white hot. That's all I'm saying otherwise the girls will kill me.

Okay, so backstage...it's amazing to see how much goes into making a show - lights, catering, dressers, sounds, engineers, crew - it's like a travelling circus.

I actually feel like I'm in the Spice bubble... we are encapsulated in this world where we are just immersed in each other's lives constantly. Just before the run through of the show this morning, Mel B, Victoria and I even went to the loo together...in separate cubicles, obviously!

But of course... there's also my daughter Bluebell. She loves hanging with the Beckham boys. Cruz and Bluebell have play dates, and Romeo - well, he is just gorgeous with her. Actually, it was a beautiful moment when we were rehearsing the other day and all of our kids were playing on the stage at the same time. It made me smile.

As you probably know, Mel B was in the live final of Dancing With The Stars and we surprised her on Monday down at the show. She was so shocked, it's the first time we've ever seen her quiet! She was with us in rehearsals yesterday morning and then went to the studio in evening for the results show. She SO should have won... I'm very disappointed. But we are all so incredibly proud of her. You're a winner to us Mel!

Okay, I have to go to bed in a bit as we are working really hard on the show and I need to get some rest. If you have a ticket for the tour, you really are in for a treat. Get ready to party!

Big X


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