Melanie B DWTS Episode 7 Part 2: The Paso Doble

"Top That!!!!". After achieving low scores dancing the foxtrot, Melanie bounces back dedicating her dominatrics infused performance of the Paso Doble to Sabrina Bryan. Maks looks really good in leather (sweet Lord), and Melanie appears to be extremely short of breath and pulls a "Geri" by pinching Tom Bergeron's ass. Another perfect 30. As I mentioned earlier, Mel and Maks escaped elimination this week, and all remaining contestants will again be preparing 2 dances for next weeks show.

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TB said...

Seriously, even if Mel and Maks got 12/30, yhey're still going to win!! Every nutso Spice fan (including myself) votes like 4 million times each week for Mel!! My bitch Scary is winning this shit!!