Melanie B's Thanks

Each Girl gets her own little shoutout.

Hey you lot!!! I have been so grateful to have had sooooo
many loyal fans over the years, some of you I've met
and others I'm yet to!! I do not have enough bloody
paper here to thank you all so go to melbthankyou.com

There are a few people that I have to thank here though:

Geri: You're my girl, you're crazily, eccentrically
adorable and I love you dearly. We will know
each other to the grave and beyond, just
agree with everything I say and always let me
wind you up!!!

Bunton: You taught me some kinky stuff
over the years ha ha!!!!
Your heart is so, so warm and caring,
I wanna thank you for sharing that with me.
I love you.

Victoria: You know you're
naughtier than I could ever be,
your strength I look up to,
you're an amazing woman and I
know you secretly
fancy me ha ha!!!
Love you lots!!!

Mel C: Northern through and
through. The utmost respect
I have for you. Sorry for
punching you and winning
every fight hee hee!!
You're the best...
bundles of love to you!

Simon: Lend me a tenner!!!!!!!

Phoenix, Angel, Lordy,
Puckachu and my husband
I love you more than life itself!!!!

And on a spiritual note
I f**king love myself
and my life, bring it on!!!!!

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