Poll Results #1

The results are in for this past weeks poll on the blog.

The question was: Which Spice Girl do you want to hear solo material from on the tour. The results, in the order of most voted for, were.....

1) Melanie C. (with an outstanding 50% of the vote)

2) Emma Bunton (with 26% of the vote)

3) Geri Halliwell (with 23% of the vote)

4) Mel B. (with 11% of the vote)

5) Victoria Beckham (with a mere 7% of the vote)

Congrats to Melanie C., she is the most wanted solo spice. Thank you guys so much for voting. Vote on this weeks poll. Which Spice Girls do you think has the best style? I don't specifically mean fashion sense (for those of you wanting to vote for Vicki because she's in fashion), I mean overall style.

1 comment:

Steven (TakeABow88) said...

I guess Mel C. deserves it, but i'd wish Emma would have won..she's my fave solo Spice. : P