Emma's Thanks

Just for fun, I figured why not post the thank you's from each of the girls that adorn the pages of the Greatest Hits Booklet. Plus I can add a new picture of each girl. First off we have Emma.

To all my family, friends and loyal fans:
I know these songs have touched your hearts
and built our memories over the last decade.
From wannabe to woman, what a fantastic journey
a once in a lifetime experience and I did it with the
support of you all. For this I truly thank you

Simon: Your guidance has been invaluable.
Thank you.
Sophie: Where would I be without you? x
PJ: My brother, my friend, my bodyguard.

My 2 special boys Jade and Beau:
I love you so much.
Beau, you have melted my heart and
I now know what unconditional love is.
The newest member of our Spice family
who will be sharing the next phase
of our Spice journey, because
that's what we are Girls,
one extended family.
Thank you all for everything.

Mum: My rock. I love you.

Thank you all again
and from me to you
...I give you
our Greatest Hits!!! x

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