Emma Blogs Of Blisters

Emma has updated her official website with a blog to the fans regarding the tour (and the blisters she is enduring on our behalf).

Hi y'all,

I'm sorry I'm only just sending you this new blog, but you wont believe how busy we've been. Were rehearsing our bottoms off every day for the show. Its been so exciting being back on stage with the girls and performing all our classics!

At this very moment I'm practicing the routines in my heels and Ive got the most painful blisters. But you're all worth it! : )

Our only day off so far was Thanksgiving, and we spent a beautiful day at Victoria's house with lots of delicious food and wine and celebrated with our friends and families.

Beau is being the best little boy in the world, and we've got him some little ear protectors so he can watch rehearsals. As soon as he heard Wannabe he started dancing by kicking his little legs around! He is just so gorgeous.

I really cant wait for you guys to see the show. I hope you enjoy it. Not long to go now.

See you soon.

Lots of love

Emma xx

I personally can't believe that it has come so quickly. Two days the tour starts in....TWO DAYS. Wow. Anyway, so I've been trying to add the new Spice Girls Tesco commercial but it seems like embedding is being a hideous bitch goddess today, so for now I'll just add the link to it, and I'll try adding it again tomorrow.

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