Melanie C's Thanks

Mel keeps it pretty much official. RGR stands for her record label "Red Girl Records", for those of you who are wondering.

I'd like to thank all of my fellow Spice Girls,
wow we did it!

My darling Tom, I love you.

My family and friends who have helped
to keep me sane(ish!!)
through the madness.

A very special thank you to Ying,
I'd be lost without you (literally!)

All at 45 and RGR especially
Nancy and Jo Jo.
Thank you to Jennie too.

Thanks to my boys Paul,
Greg, Nick, Vinnie,
Scottie and the Andys!
Thank you to Fergus,
Uncle Ray, Matt Napier
and Simon Ellis,
looking forward to
getting back on
stage with ya Si.

And very importantly
I would like to thank
every single one of
you amazing
(if not a little crazy)
Spice Girls fans for
your continuing support,
love you all.
Melanie C x x

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