Poll Results # 3

Another week gone by, another poll closed.

The Question was: Which Spice alter ego matches your personality the most? The results according to all of you lovely people who voted (and as always in order of most voted for) were....

1) Ginger Spice (with 38% of the vote)

2) Posh Spice (with 23% of the vote)

3) Baby Spice (with 19% of the vote)

4) Sporty Spice (also with 19% of the vote)

5) Scary Spice (with 14% of the vote)

So, the bulk of you seem to let your sassy Ginger side shine the most huh? Well done. This week I want to know, Which Single from the "Spice" Album do you think has the best music video? Vote away guys.

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