Melanie B Visits Spice City

Melanie B visited our fair city of Toronto this past Thursday November 1st in order to take part in breaking a world record for the most mobile phones ringing in unison.

The Virgin Atlantic promoted event took place at the Eaton's Centre Downtown where hundreds of dedicated Spice Girls fans flocked to see Mel. They all helped break the record previously set in 2001 with 254 people ringing their cell phones at the same time. This time 558 fans with phones in hand rang their phones simultaneously, each having the Spice Girls first single "Wannabe" as their ring tones.

Later in the day Melanie stopped by MTV Canada for a special interview and broke a few secrets about the Reunion tour.

You'll just have to wait until I add the video to find out what those secrets were though lol. For now you have these pictures to tide you over.


TB said...

I was able to meet her and get her autograph and all that good stuff... She is an amazing person.

Dean said...

Those are some big ones...

And it's nice to see she's wearing our poppy. :)