TomKat Visits The Spice Girls

The Spice Girls recently had some high profile fans show up to one of their rehearsals. Victoria's good friends Tom and Katie stopped by with their cute as sin baby girl Suri, to wish the Girls good luck when the shows begin.

TomKat enjoyed an impromptu personal performance from the five, while the little one danced around to the music. Her daughter was hardly the only one excited about being there, Victoria was quoted saying,

"Katie has told me before that she used to be a big Spice fan so it was great for her to meet the other girls."
I have a bizarre fondness for Katie Holmes despite the fact that I've never particularly liked any of her work. She's kinda like a more glamorous looking version of Sandra Bullock to me. News like this only fuels my like for her.

In other celebrity news, Eva Longoria (another friend of Victoria's) has admitted to loving the Spice Girls, she confessed that she and the other Desperate Housewives will be attending one of the shows together. Imagine being at that show.

God, this is such a stupid rambling post I can't believe I'm publishing it. Oh well, can't be perfect all the time.

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