Victoria Beckham On Ellen

Posh Spice is back! Victoria Beckham made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this past Thursday with her hair back to it's signature brunette bob just in time for the Tour (which starts in exactly one month in Vancouver). Vicki obviously talked about the tour and even presented a long time fan with two tickets to one of the London shows as well as a six night stay in London. But her main purpose was to promote her fashion book "That Extra Half An Inch" which was recently released in the US, and to promote her guest starring appearance on Ugly Betty as the celebrity maid of honor to Wilhelmina Slater (Vanessa Williams character), which airs next Thursday November 8th.

Watch as Victoria gives Ellen a Posh makeover while discussing tips from her book and Ellen gets Vicki into a pair of sneakers (parish the thought). Subjects in the book include, where to shop, how to accessorize, what to wear when your pregnant, shopping on a budget, as well as make-up and hair tips. I'll post the video as it becomes available.

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