Maks Speaks About Melanie

Maks recently discussed working with Melanie on this season of DWTS. He had this to say...

"Her practice schedule is 10am to 7pm with the Spice Girls, no breaks, and then she's practicing with me from 7 to probably 7.45! (teasing) It is very difficult, but we're doing it. We don't practice nearly as much as the other celebrities and maybe we should! Mel is by far the best dancer in this competition, no question. Helio Castroneves can try and come close because he's a guy and he can just stand there and have Julianne [Hough] do her thing around him. I'm not hating! I think he's developing and improving and everything else but in the end, he isn't Mel. I am like her therapist! We're just happy. Confidence is for people who are nervous. We're not nervous so we don't need to be confident, we just do it. We don't compete, we just perform. Whatever the audience and the fans think, that's great. If we come back, great, if not, that's fine too."

Luckily the two have made it through another round of votes and will be competing against Marie Osmond and Helio Castroneves to win in next weeks finals. As much as I am rooting for Melanie, I think Marie (no matter how bad she is) is going to win this competition. The Osmonds have a huge fan following from way back in the 70's, and I think the age demographic of the show appeals more to the age of their fan base. Plus, I think she is getting some sympathy votes for fainting, for her father passing, and her son being checked into rehab. Not to say I wouldn't be happy if Marie won, I think she tries hard and she has an amazing personality, but dance wise....she is sub par as far as Melanie and Helio go.

Remember to vote next week. Emma finished up in third place on Strictly Come Dancing (the UK edition of the show), let's make Mel #1.

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