Melanie B Does It Again

Last nights episode of Dancing With The Stars saw the couples doing two different dances in the one episode. One, a ballroom piece and the other, a Latin piece. Melanie B and her partner Maks were assigned the Foxtrot, and the Paso Doble, and certainly delivered the goods on the latter.

Although the pair (like many of their other competitors) did poorly when it came to the ballroom portion (scoring a mere 24 out of 30, which was their lowest score since week 2), when the second round came up, Melanie released the ferocity of Scary Spice as she danced the Paso Doble to En Vogue's "Free Your Mind". Leaving the judges speechless, she achieved her second perfect score of the season, the only star to do so thus far. Mel and Maks dedicated their dance to Cheetah Girl's star (and former co-competitor) Sabrina Bryan, who was shockingly voted out of the competition last week despite being the first to achieve a perfect 30, and being hailed as a favorite to win.

Will Mel and Maks be safe tonight at the results show? Or will they suffer the same fate as Sabrina? Tune in to find out. I'll post the video's of last nights two performances as soon as I find them.

PS. I just read that Marie Osmond's father, George Osmond past away today at the age of 90. My guess is Marie will not be present during tonight's results show. First Jane Seymour's mother passes away, and now this. It's kind of ironic that Marie dedicated one of her performances last night to her Mom and Dad. Sad.

UPDATE: Mel & Maks are safe to dance another week, Jane Seymour got the boot.

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