Melanie Finishes Second

It's about 3 minutes after the announcement and I still can't believe those results. Melanie sadly finished second in Dancing With The Stars, with Helio Castraneves taking home the trophy. Even if I hadn't been a fan of Melanie's, it still wouldn't change the fact that after Sabrina was kicked off, she became the best dancer of the group and completely deserved to win. Especially considering the schedule she had with the Spice Girls rehearsals cut into her rehearsals for the show, and she still managed to keep herself in the top spot pretty much every week. I guess there are more race car fans than there are Spice Girls fans.

I loved watching Helio, he was very entertaining to watch but I'm sorry, when you look at the entire season...he didn't deserve to win. Oh well, congrats to Helio and Julianne anyway, and Well Done Mel & Maks. You were amazing.

PS. At least she wasn't beaten by Marie. That would have been inexcusable. Plus, Mel did get one spot higher than Emma did on the UK version.
PPS. God I sound so bitter as I read this back. I'm not really, if there was anyone for Mel to lose out to, I'm glad it was Helio...I just don't think he should have. That's all. This is my 100th post btw. That makes me pretty happy. Yay Me!

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