Spice Girls: Holler

You guys voted for it, so here it is.

Holler was one of the two first (and last) singles released from the Spice Girls 2000 album "Forever" being released as a special double A-side with Let Love Lead The Way. The song became the group's ninth UK number one single, and the second to feature the girls as a quartet. Co-written by American R&B Producers Rodney Jerkins, LaShawn Daniels and Fred Jerkins, Holler didn't manage to crack the Billboard Hot 100 list in America, landing instead at number 7 on the "Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles" chart which is the equivalent of being in the 107th position.
The first time I had heard Holler was when the Christmas In Spiceworld concert appeared on Much Music in the winter of 1999. The Girls performed a stripped down unfinished version of the song as a teaser of things to come and I was personally less than impressed with the performance they gave, in fact I thought the song was awful. Mind you it was a very minimal adaptation from the song it would become. But when the video premiered in the spring of 2000, I was blown away.
The video for the song was directed by Jake Nava and shows the girls dancing at four seperate ends of a square platform (seemingly representing the four corners North, South, East, and West) inside a translucent pyramid in the middle of the desert. The four girls solo scenes in the video have them encompassing one of the four elements (much like the video that would be shot for Let Love Lead The Way). Mel B. represents Fire, Melanie C represents Earth, Emma represents Water, and Victoria represents Air. At the end of the video the girls join hands in a circle and a beam of light rises from the pyramid symbolizing the Girls union (although short lived) as a foursome.

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