Poll Results # 24

Looks like it may just be a favorable turnout for Mel B's next solo album after all. The results are in for this past weeks poll and they are very pleasing to see. The question put before you all was, Will You Buy Mel B's New Solo Album When It Is Released? The results in order of most voted for (in case you're new) are as follows...

Yes (with 58% of the vote)

I'll Download It (with 33% of the vote)

No (with 8% of the vote)

Maybe (with 0% of the vote)

I'm certainly glad to see that everyone was honest and that you are not flip floppers when it comes to such a decision (no maybe's here). Well done everyone. I hope she has enough success with the album to keep her in the music industry a bit longer because we're losing all of our Spice music to other ventures like Fashion, Writing, and Babies, soon we'll only have Melanie C left to entertain us. Speaking of Melanie C, this week I want to know your opinion on the following question Which Single From Melanie's "Northern Star" Album Is Your Favorite? Five choices, Have Fun!

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