Poll Results # 25

Lousy, internet connections. I haven't been able to post since Thursday evening. So it may be quite late but here are the results from last weeks poll (the 25th poll posted, how in God's name did I ever make it past 10?). The question put before you lovely people was Which Single From Melanie C's Northern Star Album Is Your Favorite? The results in order of most voted for were...

I Turn To You (with 50% of the vote)

If That Were Me (with 25% of the vote)

Northern Star (with 16% of the vote)

Goin' Down (with 8% of the vote)

Never Be The Same Again (with 8% of the vote)

Good stuff. Thanks for your votes. This week, let's move it on over to Geri's solo works. I want to know which single from Geri's Schizophonic album is your favorite? Vote away.

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