Emma Bunton: Baby's Post Baby Body

Emma admitted to Britain's Closer magazine that she refused to push herself to lose weight rapidly after the birth of her son Beau.

The blonde beauty admitted that she was finally back to her pre baby size after a year of getting back into shape.

"I'm back to a size 8-10, and it feels great getting into my old jeans again. But there's so much pressure to get straight back to your old weight - it's ridiculous. Your body changes so much while you're pregnant, it's not natural to bounce back. I lost weight slowly."
I got a personal trainer recently because I couldn't exercise on my own. I usually need someone to come and give me an extra push. I try to work out two to three times a week and doing a bit on the treadmill as well.'Being over 30 and having a baby, your body changes and I have to get it up and running a bit these days."
Personally, I think she looks great, but don't you think that Emma will look like Olivia Newton-John (above) when she is older?

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