Poll Results # 22

I have to say that the results of this weeks poll were a total shocker to me. Let me show you why. The rather obvious question was Which Spice Girl Album Is Your Favorite? The less than obvious results (in order of most voted for) were....

Forever (with 54% of the vote)

Spice World (with 36% of the vote)

Spice (with 9% of the vote)

I for some reason can't believe that Forever won this poll. I think it's a good album but I thought Spice World would have taken this by a mile. Plus, Spice only got one vote lol. Oh well, as bizarre as I find them, those are the results. Thanks for taking the time to vote everyone. Since Forever was the winner, this week I want to know Which Single From Forever Is Your Favorite. Again, only three choices. Have fun voting.

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