Geri Halliwell: Draft One Done

Geri has admitted to The Daily Mail newspaper in the UK that she has finished the first draft of her first movie screenplay with the help of some of her friends in the industry. She's keeping the details of the film under wraps but she said,

"It is pretty incredible to finish it - the first draft. I got somebody to teach me using a programme called Final Draft.

I've got a few friends who are screen writers and they said to write the premise of it first - like the whole story of it."
Her plans to write a screenplay were inspired by Jonathan Ross' wife Jane Goldman, who wrote the screenplay for the Claire Danes film "Stardust", adapting the story from the Neil Gaiman novel.

"Jonathan Ross' wife wrote 'Stardust' and I thought, 'Oh wow, I'd like to do that.'"

I wonder if the film will have anything to do with Ugenia Lavender? We'll see.

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