Poll Results # 23

I gotta say that it kinda hits me sometimes that I actually have readers that keep coming back. I don't know, it's humbling in a strange way. The results for this weeks poll worked out in my favor because my favorite single from the album won out over the others. The question was, Which Single From The Forever Album Is Your Favorite? The results in order of most voted for go like this...

Holler (with an impressive 52% of the vote)

Goodbye (with 35% of the vote)

Let Love Lead The Way (with 11% of the vote)

I always wished that they had released a couple more singles from this album, but things went the way they did and it sadly never happened. The singles that were released were great though. Thanks for voting everyone, your participation means a lot to me. This week I kinda want to foreshadow the success of a future release, so the question is "Will you buy Melanie B's new solo album when it is released in stores? Have fun voting, and for all you Canadians that read this blog (and are of age), remember to go vote on Tuesday. I know, it's not as fun as voting here, but it's important. Peace Everyone!

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