Melanie C: I Turn To You

You voted for it, so I'm delivering it to you.
I Turn To You is Melanie's fourth single from her first solo record "Northern Star" (1999) and became Melanie's second solo number 1 (her 10th in total). The radio edit/video version of the song is the Hex Hector Radio Mix, which puts a dance club beat on top of the rather downplayed album version of the song. Naturally, this song is a favorite among Melanie's fan base which lead to her decision to perform it for her solo portion of the Return Of The Spice Girls Tour.
The Cameron Casey directed music video, was shot in Ibiza, Spain (the party capital of the world). Some shots taking place in the Es Paradis night club while the external shots were shot on a cliff over looking the ocean. Blonde, crimped hair may not be her best look but it's a fun video to watch all the same.

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