Victoria Beckham: Signature For A Signature

The lucky fans in Manchester, England got a little dose of Mrs. Beckham today as Victoria appeared at the Harvey Nichols store in a stunning all white ensemble (complete with what looks like wings) to promote her newest His and Her's fragrance collection entitled Signature.

The fans who bought a bottle of Signature between the hours of 11am and 1pm today were given the opportunity to recieve an autograph from Posh when she arrived.

The fragrances will officially be launched in North America in September.

For those of you who are mindful of perfume concoctions here are the breakdowns for the line.

Signature for Her is: a fruity floriental developed by perfumer Sylvie Fischer (who also created Intimately Beckham Night For Men), and includes notes of anise flower, candy apple, orchid, heliotrope, vanilla, patchouli, amber and musk.

Signature for Him is: a fresh woody oriental developed by perfumer Beatrice Piquet (who also created Beckham Instinct and Instinct After Dark). The notes feature mandarin, watermelon, marine notes, fresh living lantana, cypress, juniper berry, moss, sensual white amber and patchouli.

Victoria has stated that, "You’re getting a piece of David and me with this."
The two sets will be sold in both 50 and 75 ml. bottles and range in price from $50 to $75. Pretty looking bottles, aren't they?

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