Poll Results # 19

I wish we could have made it to an even 20 but sadly this will be the last poll results post, due to lack of participation and lack of idea's for new poll's. Hopefully more news stories will be released in the not too distant future that will have me posting like a maniac once again (and make the readership go up) but until then, here are the results of the last poll in order of most voted for. The question was, Which Spice Girl do you think has the largest gay following as a solo act?

Geri (with 40% of the vote)

Victoria (also with 40% of the vote)

Melanie C. (with 20% of the vote)

Mel B. (with 0% of the vote)

Emma (also with 0% of the vote)

I think if we give Melanie B more time she will totally become a strong gay icon. Well that was fun, I hope to bring the poll back some day but until then, it can rest in peace.

PS. I am in no way going to stop posting altogether, it's just that the girls (for the most part) seem to be taking a break so there is not alot of ground to cover. Mel B's album should be out soon though. Hoorah! I'll try to post video's but youtube is being a bitch and a half lately.

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